Advista AS is a media company that operates services within the internet, mobile apps and search technology. Among its subsidiaries in Norway is 180.no Nummeropplysningen AS.

44 countries are covered by services such as: telGuarder.com, 180.no, 180.no/varsel, 180.se, 180.dk and 180.fi.

Overall, Advista’s services generate approx. 190 million ad requests per month, and over 5.3 million have downloaded mobile apps provided by Advista. The services are tailored to all browsers and mobile platforms such as Android and iPhone.

telGuarder – Secure your phone

Check numbers online (reverse lookup), app or mobile.

Automatically notifies you of unwanted calls such as telephone sales, market research and scams. The service is available online and as an app in 44 countries and contains user contributed information about more than 5.9 million numbers. Daily information about thousands of numbers from telGuarders users is added.

The app has more than 1.5 million downloads and average rating of 4 out of 5 possible stars (Google Play).

180 Scandinavia

Complete online and mobile information service for Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

See who’s calling, get notifications by phone sales, market research and scams. The service is available for Android (Scandinavia) and iPhone (Norway only) and enriched with crowdsourced information from users of 180 and the telGuarder network in 44 countries.

180 was Norway’s first information app for iPhone and is Scandinavia’s market leader for Android.

The various apps have been downloaded over 2 million times and have a user rating of 4.5 out of 5 possible (Google Play).


The company’s online services were launched in 2003, and in 2008, our first app topped the chart in Apple’s Appstore. In 2024 180 have over 700 000 users weekly in Norway (ref: Google Analytics) and reach out to millions via services for mobile. 180s “See who’s calling” app that includes notification of unwanted calls is the most popular app in Norway within its segment.

Advistas subsidiary 180 also provides information to telGuarder.com which is currently established in USA, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Columbia, Finland, Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Ukraine, Turkey, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia and Australia. Further extensions in new markets take place continuously.


Countries covered

82 000 000

Searches per month

193 000 000

Ad Requests per month

5.3 Mill

App downloads

10 500 000

Monthly users


Nydalsveien 36a, 0484 Oslo, Norway