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Advista AS is a media company that operates services within the internet, mobile apps and search technology. Among its subsidiaries in Norway is 180.no Nummmeropplysningen AS.

14 European countries are covered by services such as: 180.no, 180.no/varsel, 180.se, Gulex.se, 180.dk, Gulex.dk, 180info.co.uk and Nettkatalogen.no.

Overall, Advista's search services have approx. 1,500,000 visits per week and over 1.5 million have downloaded mobile apps provided by Advista. The services are tailored to all browsers and mobile platforms such as iPhone and Android.

Our online services were launched in 2003 and in 2008 our first app was on the top list in Apple's Appstore. By 2018, we have over 100,000 unique users online in Norway (ref: Kantar) and reach millions through mobile services.

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